joys of freelance writing

The Joys of Freelance Writing

I’ve been asked many times about my choice to pursue a path of freelance writing; I still don’t know how to answer the question. I’ve always felt a love for the expression of thoughts through written words, as the complexities by which they coalesce give rise to much beauty. I’ve certainly faced the decision of resorting to a staff writer position many times, usually influenced by financial circumstances. I have, during brief periods of my life, been forced to work within this mold. I have reached a point now where I feel confident in saying I have the means to never return to the constriction that is corporate sponsorship. I now operate completely as a freelance journalist and pursue contracts with only those publishers whom I feel share my values.

Expression as a Profession

Many people pass remarks of their undying love of “being creative,” or some other form of self-expression. It’s my experience that most of these comments are fueled by a lack of opportunity, in a somewhat self-medicating context. You might catch an accountant describing his love for creative hobbies, but a professional portrait artist will unlikely feel the need to clarify this. Maybe it’s balance or lack thereof, but I’ve always felt that your chosen profession often becomes such an integrative part of your life, that it transcends simple descriptions such as “being creative,” or other surface-bound descriptions.

Creative writing is far removed form journalistic literature; the former being a semi-organized daydream, the latter a rigidly-organized survey of topical flow. For those of us working the grind of a journalist’s life, creative writing rarely seems to be an attractive lure after hard day’s work. Similar to a 5-star chef warming up leftovers after spending 12 hours in a kitchen, we writers also feel the need to separate ourselves from our profession to relax.

More idealistically, I find small outlets within my professional work to slip in small accents of creative accounts. These small flares are found in the connective tissue of journalistic accounts; the accent of an article if you will. Simple expressions of these types of tissue may often be seen as simple strings such as “usually,” “similar to,” or “unsurprisingly.” For example; “The conflict in the Middle East has taken a surprising turn towards peace.” This sentence conveys a topical idea and an inner expression of specificity. the phrase “has taken a surprising turn towards,” is the area in which creative expression can take hold. Depending on my overall tone, mood, etc., this sentence may appear as “has taken an utterly jaw-dropping,” “has vehemently disregarded normal dynamics and shifted towards,” or even “has calmly glided towards.” Each supports the expression of peace in the Middle East, but each does so in vastly different tones; sensational, complex, and feel-good. When reporting news, these are the differences by which political opposites can report the same facts, while still pushing their ideological agendas.

A Journey To Balance

The dynamics of freelance journalism are immense; I have the opportunity to constantly improve my own approach. Understanding the best way to accurately communicate facts, while effectively packaging them in tone is an act of self-discovery. Through this expression of artistic balance, I am able to constantly find an outlet to better my self, my work, and the reach of my words. I love the profession, the art, and feel so very fortunate that I am able to participate in such an exciting period in our history!

While my blog will ultimately be composed of a vast selection of topical writing, random thoughts, and quotes, as well as samples of my professional work; the underlying message I hope to convey is that I love my work. I feel the combined presence of the variation in which I express myself will work to effectively paint a larger picture; that even the most rigid of literary expression leaves room for creative improvisation. Thank you to all that have supported me over the years, I hope you find some joy in this site!