Best Nootropics Brain Power

Nootropics and Other Brain Boosting Tips

Any writer knows the struggle—you’ve got a deadline and your well of inspiration is about as dry as the Sahara. Maybe inspiration isn’t your problem, and you just have too many distractions around (life) to be able to really double-down on your deadline-sensitive work. Regardless of the specifics, I think nearly every writer has found themselves wishing they had more time to get work done, as well as being able to get more work done in the amount of time that they do have. Well, recently I’ve been reading a LOT about a type of supplements called Nootropics, which as a family of chemical compounds able to provide serious brain-boosting benefits for a plethora of needs and desires.

Having trouble focusing? There’s a Nootropic for that. Want to help actively prevent brain damage that can lead to Alzheimer’s or MS? There’s a Nootropic for that too! Nootropics help the brain get what it needs, use what it has better, and make sure that while it’s using all this stuff that it’s not doing damage to itself or other parts of the body. So it would seem; long gone are the days of shaky Adderall and amphetamine highs during crunch times. I’ve been all-too-often left as a pile of battered, sleep-deprived, starved, sickly waste after crunching to meet a deadline after using Adderall to have the gusto to turn to it anymore. Sure, when I was young it was an easy fix; pop an Adderall and make up for 2 months of procrastination in 48 hours. Who cares if you had to sleep for 24 afterward if it meant having all that other time to do what you wanted.

Nootropics Aren’t New

While they may be new to you and me, Nootropics isn’t exactly a new science—tracing some of the first discoveries back to the early 1970s. Oddly enough,  Russian cosmonauts were taking a compound called Phenibut during the cold-war era space races. These compounds have been studied in clinical trials and show a wide-ranging array of cognitive boosting abilities such as:

  • Increased Focus
  • Sharpened Clarity
  • Mental & Physical Energy
  • Memory Capacity
  • Memory Retention
  • Neuroprotective Action
  • Increased Blood Flow to the Brain
  • A sense of Well Being
  • Tranquilizing Effects Without Causing Sluggishness
  • Anti-Anxiety Action

There exist a long list of synthetic Nootropics which are able to provide very notable cognitive boosts, while there are also a great many natural Nootropics which offer much more long-lasting, subtle effects. These types of herbal remedies and floral extractives have been used in China, India, and other Asian cultures for hundreds of years and represent a collective of very well-trusted compounds. I’ve found these to be great promoters of subtle help in times of stress or anxiety, and also just when I have trouble sleeping.

Find the Best Nootropics for You

Nootropics are a tricky business when it comes to finding the one that is best for you. In all reality there isn’t really any one best Nootropic but, rather, everyone usually finds a ‘stack’ of best nootropics that work in harmony with one another to promote the desired benefits. For example, you might take one supplement that boosts the availability of acetylcholine levels, and antagonizes GABA receptor sites within the brain. To help prevent any issues with long-term use you may want to ‘stack’ a cardiovascular protective agent along with some actual GABA—to ensure your stores aren’t lowered. All in all, Nootropics are an exciting family of chemicals that can help boost your brain power into a whole ‘nother level!