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My New Juicing Lifestyle

Juicing hasn’t been on my radar until recently, but I feel as if it’s already been forever! Lifestyle changes often plunge us into different states of awareness, better enabling us to see the world through new eyes. My journey, as of late, has been one to better my health. I’m in good health by nearly all measure, although I just haven’t been feeling great as of late. I was started to feel sluggish more often than not and had trouble getting motivated. After very in-depth discussions (thanks Anna!) about the benefits of juicing, I felt that I should give it a try.

A Clean, Rejuvenated Energy

For those that have been on detox-type diets before, the shift in energy is similar when beginning juicing. As I’ve been stuffing my favorite fruits and veggies into juicers these past few weeks, my body adjusted quickly it seems, and my energy levels began to improve almost immediately! I’ve never been much of a breakfast person, plagued by upset stomach unable to be explained by my doctors. While this morning sickness never reached the point of ‘nausea,’ it was unpleasant nonetheless.  My go-to approach has simply been to take some very alkaline drinks, such as magnesium, potassium, or calcium as soon as I wake up, and eat breakfast a few hours later. As with anything, I got used to this routine but still felt I could take a better approach.

I began switching juices for my morning ‘powder’ drink about 3 weeks ago, and can say first hand that the benefits of juicing are incredible! I haven’t lost 60 pounds or anything crazy, but my quality of life seems to be improving on a daily basis. I’ve been juicing carrots, spinach, avocado, blueberries, grapefruit, bananas, oranges, and even some Cilantro! I tend to switch things up depending on my mood, but my juices usually look of fair-semblance to a ‘green drink.’ The most notable shift I’ve noticed has been in my post-lunch energy levels—which used to consist of my wanting a nap. During that 2pm-4pm window in which my body so fights against the 8-5 routine, I now have a renewed sense of rejuvenation as if my lunch is no longer a burden to my body!

The Benefits of Juicing: By The Numbers

I can ramble on all day about how great I feel, how much energy I have, or how focused juicing has helped me to become. The fact is, that when trying to tell others of my experience—numbers seem to help. At the risk of being a little to open with my personal info, I’d like to share some of my before and after numbers from the past 3 weeks of juicing. I’m referencing my most recent bloodwork and doctor reports against those of roughly 3 months ago.

Blood Pressure

Before: 174/88

After: 148/75


Before: 185

After: 155


Before: Don’t Even Ask

After: -11lbs

As you can see, juicing has had a very traceable impact on my life, and it’s not just a placebo effect! I’ll admit I was a bit nervous to get my most-recent blood work back, feeling that the doctor might burst my bubble of energy. That wasn’t the case, and these numbers have re-energized my dedication to juicing all-over again! I’m a strong believer in balance and know that even juicing can be done to such excess that it could become unhealthy. So, for now, I’ll be juicing in the mornings, and between lunch and dinner where I’m usually really bad for snacking. I’m even thinking about getting back into running again with all this new-found energy!

Finding My Juicer

This could be a story itself; consisting of quite an up-and-down journey before I found a juicer I could work, and that actually made a ‘juice’ and not just a ‘smoothie.’ My dear friend Anna, whom first excited me about juicing, had just bought one of the best juicers on the market, leaving her with a very well-conditioned masticating juicer. Masticating juicers, I now know, are a type of slow juicer that allows one to better grind up leafy things and frozen berries. Anna now has what is probably the best masticating juicer, the Super Angel, which is what most health gurus use ( I think ), which means that she had a perfectly good Omega juicer just sitting around. Being the wonderful soul that she is, she loaned me this juicer to try out for myself, and it’s been my savior these past few weeks.

The past few days I have been searching for a new juicer, now that I’m better acquainted with what I’m doing. I’ll save the boring details for those that may not be juicing fanatics just yet (just keep reading!) but basically, I’m looking for one that is versatile and will let me grind up nuts and frozen berries as well. Luckily, my good friend Charles shared an article about the best juicers with me, which has been an immensely useful tool in running down my new health machine!