infrared sauna

Let’s Talk About the Infrared Sauna in the Room

I’ve long staved myself from buying large purchases online—call it resistance ingrained from my parents’ generational focus—but recently I went on a splurge. Many of you may know about the recent car I bought online from, as it’s come up at a few cocktail tables. Well, I suppose that purchase was the breaking of the dam! I have recently also purchased an infrared sauna for our house—much like the sweat lodges used by Scandinavians for centuries—except this one simply plugs in to the wall! I’m not entirely sure I know what’s come over me, I just read a few infrared sauna reviews, pulled out the wallet, and ordered one up! I’ve been getting used to it for some time now, as it’s a bit different than most traditional sauna therapy experiences. I suppose the best infrared sauna is the one that you are comfortable with, and I must say that mine has gone from decent to incredible in the last weeks. The many infrared sauna benefits one may notice once beginning a regular routine in the hot box are plentiful, and worth mentioning!

The Many Infrared Sauna Benefits

Anyone that knows me knows full-well that I’m a card-carrying vegetarian and have been for almost 20 years now! (I mean, 10—I’m only 22 *wink*) The research shows that eating as I do affords me a much greater risk of many major diseases, but also lowers a bunch of general concerns such as blood pressure and cholesterol. Many of my friends despise hearing about how much I love being a vegetarian, and much to my amusement I never cease to tell them the latest! Well, now there’s a chance for you to go our and lower all those finicky numbers the doctor’s are always hammering on about—and all you have to do is sit on your butt. The catch is, you have to sit on your butt in a wooden box, that happens to be 130 degrees + inside.

By starting an infrared sauna therapy routine, you may be able to lower your blood pressure, resting heart rate, as well as rid yourself of many long-held toxins that can cause any number of chronic health conditions. The crux of the infrared sauna is that it is able to warm your body from the inside out, using near infrared energy (absorbed by the body like sunlight). This type of thermal harmony in our body means that rather than being heated by the air around us, our entire bodies are heated up from a cellular level! It sounds like weird science, but I assure that it works like a charm, and you’ll be sweating inside of 10 minutes. Unlike many cleanses, detoxes, and other fad diets, the health benefits of infrared saunas are deep-reaching enough that toxins stuck in organs can even be released!

Near Infrared Sauna? Far Out!

Near infrared saunas are similar to ‘far’ infrared ones in that they are both considered infrared. However, near-infrared saunas are capable of producing 10 times the amount of energy that far infrared saunas are! This is an important distinction for many to make, as the more energy produced by the heating elements, the more quickly and efficiently your body will slip into a toxin-eliminating machine! Seriously, I feel much clearer and more energetic than I did a month ago, and the infrared sauna is really the only new addition to my routine. If you’re looking to read more about this type of health practice, you can Google ‘heat therapy’, ‘sweat therapy’, and other similar terms. This article, by Dr. Draxe, is also an excellent overview of infrared saunas and their benefits, use, and differences.

I don’t know that everyone wants one of these things sitting around in their house (about the size of a phone booth, but for those of you looking to make a change involving little physical exertion, infrared saunas may be just what you need!