Furniture Brands & Home Zen

Hello all, sorry for my long-profound absence! I started this blog to help keep family and friends informed of our life—yet it seems life gets in the way! Doug and I have been busily renovating our home for the last several months, and I’ve a lot of exciting new additions to show off! First, our new kitchen is positively amazing, and I can’t stop cooking. I think Doug had in mind for that to be his first move so he could lock down quality dinners! I give him trouble for it, but we cook together nearly every night, so it’s really just me poking fun. We were fortunate enough to find the majority of our new furniture for very affordable prices.

We didn’t get what I would consider cheap furniture, but we got cheap pricing it seems like. We have become more and more comfortable with buying big ticket items online (remember our new infrared sauna), and we realized that buying furniture online was the way to go since we were getting a LOT of it. We got bar stools, a new dining set, a bedroom set, and an entirely new living room set including a beautiful wall unit to help with all our hosting! It took us awhile to figure out which furniture brands were the best for our ideas, but a little bit of internettin’ got us right on track!

Our New Kitchen

We went with Lexington Furniture as often as possible, as Doug has a strong affinity for those ‘old-school’ furniture brands with a long history in American manufacturing. We found a great deal on their Cypress Point dining room through Wayfair, and were able to get it delivered to our house for absolutely free! The trouble was, we ended up getting the furniture a little bit sooner than our kitchen and dining renovations were complete, so we didn’t really get to break it in for another month or so. We didn’t go crazy decorating with new stuff, and really just thought of creative new ways to reuse the many items that we had already. Doug sandblasted down some out-of-date wood decor to give it that new-age reclaimed look, and I even hand-painted some stuff in bold teals and oranges! Overall, our kitchen and Dining room look very southern coastal, with a strong feeling of late summer.

Our New Living Room

The living room was the area that we did the least actual renovations, and mostly just painted and got rid of some old furniture (you’re welcome again Tammy!). We went with a lot of pieces from the Bernhardt Winslow collection here, and our living room does show a stark resemblance to their product shots! I got so inspired during the shopping process that I literally fell in love with their look so much it influenced how I was designing our rooms! The leather couches are a bit more of Doug’s style than mine, but overall I feel like we struck a great balance. For the wall unit/entertainment center we fell in love with the Sorella design from Hooker Furniture which is kind of a traditional piece, but has a really modern-looking reclaimed wood vibe to it. For anyone that’s ever seen Restoration Hardware’s products, it has a strong feel like those.

Finding the Furniture

Neither Doug nor myself have any great awareness of the different furniture brands on the market. We can discern quality roughly by price as much as anyone else, but when it came down to actually understanding which furniture brands made quality products, we didn’t really know where to start. We started pouring through old editions of Architectural Digest, Traditional Home, Veranda, and just about anything interior design or furniture related we could get our hands on. Instagram was a huge helper, as was Pinterest, but the majority of furniture we found on there really was in one of two categories—super expensive by famous designers, or only single pieces of entire collections. Fortunately, Doug found this incredible article about the best furniture brands which really helped influence our overall decision-making process. I had never heard of the Sodafine website before, but after talking to some designer friends of mine I learned it’s run by some furniture designers that have access to some real industry insight!