Finally Found Some Decent Bedroom Sets for Sale

I’ll apologize in advance for the off-topic nature of this post—I’m just too excited to help myself! My husband and myself have been searching high and low for some new furniture for our home ( you know, from allllll that freelance writer money! )and we had conceded ourselves to the point that shopping online would be a much better way to approach things. However, being as we don’t know anything about actual furniture, we spent quite a bit of time over the past month checking out local shops to get a feel for the lay of the land. I was left with several impressions, and ultimately made a decision regarding style, and brand, and together my husband and I ordered our dream furniture online—which was way cheaper than buying in store.

The Best Furniture Brands

The first thing I learned is that that statement is really subjective, and is answered depending on which brands cost the most in whichever merchant’s shop one happens to be patronizing currently. As with most consumer goods—you get what you pay for—and furniture is no different. However, we broke things down into general price points, focusing on bedroom furniture, and came up with the following criteria for generalizing the furniture brands by quality (assuming more money gets more quality:)

  • Under $1000
  • Under $2000
  • Over $5000

Now, before you go thinking that we bought a solid Rhodesian marble cocktail table—we were shopping for entire bedroom sets for sale, which included several pieces of furniture such as a bed, night stands, dressers, and mirrors. There are some really decent brands under $1000 like Riverside Furniture, Liberty Furniture, and even some Ashley Furniture sets as well. However, we felt these didn’t quite measure up to what we were looking for, so we kept looking.  The under $2000 group showed us some brands like Bassett, Stanley, and even some more modernish stuff from Baxton Studio. I still feel like we could have found something in this category, but just seemed to run out of time. Over $5000 gets you what you’d expect—practically anything. The prices range wildly, going from nicer pieces by Hooker Furniture, Bernhardt, and Kincaid’s solid wood stuff up into the crazy expensive I-just-got-signed kind of furniture sets like Baker, Restoration Hardware, and other private designers.

Ultimately, we found several modern king size bed sets to choose from that were around $3250, give or take, and really met all of our checklist points. I wanted white, but the hubby talked me down to getting something a little more practical, that would still be in style when our kids *gasp* might have it handed down to them. While that may seem like quite a bit of money to most anyone, you should understand that we got a king size bed, dresser, mirror, two nightstands, and drawer chest all for that price.  Sites like,,, and even are loaded with great furniture that gets sold cheap, shipped free, and doesn’t include a greedy middle man trying to jack up the price on you.

Happy As Can Be

Since this is so utterly off-topic, I’ll keep it short and go ahead an wrap things up in a tidy manner. We got some new furniture, and it’s amazing! We spent a while in local shops, but realized that we could save as much as $1200 in many cases by simply ordering the furniture online. We cozy-ed up to a few brands, and took our adventure online—landing our  perfect match! As with most large purchases like this, we still have to wait for a bit before everything is delivered, but the anticipation will only make things better!